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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kwicks 1.5.1 Released!!!111!!

So it turns out that people didn't really like the "Invalid Argument" error that Kwicks 1.5 was throwing in IE7+.

Kwicks 1.5.1 fixes the bug and is ready for download.

Once again, I would like to thank Rúbel Mujica for his role in identifying and fixing the bug. I would also like to thank everyone else who has shown an interest in the Kwicks plugin and for all of your invaluable input!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy, its me Marc
Me and my big mouth. Sorry it took longer than I expected. Especialy when more than one webdesigner is trying to create a homepage. Dont take a look at the html, js and css-code, its a disgrace for humankind. Naturally your code (kwicks) is the most tidy party of the page. Thanks again.
The horizontal Accordian is here
and the vertical Accordian is at
OK the Accordians are bit laggy, but that is my mistake. I repeat the script from jeremy is not responsible the lag.
If want you can use my site as a
Thanks a again.
with many kind regards from the country that drink to much beer and eat to many sausages.
Marc Jansen

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy, are you on holiday or just overworked ? Well I just want to tell you, that my visitors are overwhelmed with the fading effect of kwicks. Like Apple say - "make a difference to the internet" - or how the buzz people put it - "monetarisation through WEB 2.0." - I will try to put script into as many homepages as posible.
greating to you and your family from germany

Marc Jansen

Anonymous said...

Earth Controll to Major Tom ... sorry Major Jeremy. I am starting to worry, that something has happened to you. Is everthing OK ? I hope you and your family are well. No I should not be to concerned; you are probably on holiday or playing with your new iphone. But just give a sign that you are still there. Just Roger that. (pleeeaasssseee).
The Kwick-effects on my page seems to result in more happy users / visitors. I can measure the amount of pages visited by a single user. Since i have installed your script, my visitor seem to visit more pages.
Thanks again.
with many concerned regards for good old germany
Marc Jansen

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to have the defaultKwick expand back to its initial state when the mouse leaves the kwick div area?

Anonymous said...

Mayday Mayday ... SOS .. Jeremy where are you? Have you forgoten your Blog-password ? You can leave an anonymous comment, to show that you are still living. Maybe you have got a job by microsoft and signed an agreement, saying that you will not waste your time with social open source codes. OK i will have to wait till you give the community a sign.
Have a nice day
yours sincerly Marc Jansen
Just want to thank you again for this fine piece of work.
When I get my next payload, I will donate a few cents.

Jeremy Martin said...

Well, it's nice to know that I'm so missed! But there's really no need for concern. My wife and I were in the middle of a move when we had a family member go to be with the Lord - the combination of which effectively brought most other areas of our lives to a screeching halt. Fortunately life is returning to a more typical modus operandi. I am hoping to get some work done around here again soon.

I'm sorry to say that no, that feature is not currently supported. However, I do like the sound of that behavior. I think that's a good candidate for the next release.

Anonymous said...

My condolences to the family, and I am so sorry to hear about this. :´-( May he/she rest in peace.
Dont you neglect your family. The community can wait. (and your script is running perfectly, havent found any faults or errors yet). At the moment i am trying a few other jquery navigtion scipts, eg. like the apple slider. They hardly work anywhere or on any browser. So I appreciate a clean job, when I see one and your is diffently a masterwork (as it runs perfectly on every browser).
Therefore take your time.
with kind regards from Germany
Marc Jansen

Anonymous said...

Been looking for a JQuery implementation of Kwicks and this is by far the neatest.
I know it should be enough that you've been kind enough to release this but I've got a question!
Currently using Mootools at on the Homes / Drive / Jobs panel to reveal the details.
I want to shift it to JQuery, but using your Kwicks the total height of the Kwicks is always constrained, as at
Is is it possible to remove this?

Jeremy Martin said...

Unfortunately the Kwicks plugin is designed to always maintain its vertical / horizontal dimensions. Looking at the website and based on your description, I would suggest using the UI accordion plugin instead. Looking at the options, I would think that if you were to add the following options...
active: false,
alwaysOpen: false,
autoHeight: false,
event: "mouseover"
...that you could achieve the desired effect.

Emre Erkan said...

Hi Jeremy,

at line 27 "container" variable doesn't defined with "var", so in internet explorer 7+, sometimes it throws an error ("Object doesn't support this method... etc."). After defining it with "var";
var container = $(this);
there is no problem.

Jeremy Martin said...

Thank you for locating this bug - I very much appreciate the help. I'll be sure to include the fix in the next release and provide you with due credit.

Nutrition News said...

Hey Jeremy, I've got another question for you - go figure haha.

Our site is live and works very well in IE and Firefox, but for some reason Safari occasionally spaces all of the kwicks way way far apart. I did make sure that our stylesheets appear before our script tags in the code, so I'm not sure what that problem is.

The issue appears fairly randomly in both Mac and Windows versions of Safari. A refresh tends to make the kwicks display correctly.

Do you have any suggestions for ways I can troubleshoot this?

Here is one of the pages that does it:

Jeremy Martin said...

Can you let me know the exact version(s) of Safari you've noticed this in? I was just unable to reproduce it using Safari 3.1.1 on XP.

Nutrition News said...

The Safari on the Mac is version 3.1.1 (4525.18)

The Safari on the Windows box is version 3.1.2 (525.21)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy,

thansk a lot for your sweet plugin. Got it running so far, but cant find the reason for different rendering in firefox and IE 7. works fine and as intended but IE7 create spaces between the 2rd to 4th menu item. It depends on the cursors moving speed. Maybe you got a clue whats going wrong.

thx, a fan ;>

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeremy,
I'm Laurent, I'm French so sorry for my english...

First, I would like to congratulate you for your work on this plugin...a real nice job! Thank you.

My menu works fine but I need to do another thing.

When the mouse is over my 'li id="kwick4"' a submenu in a div appear at its bottom.

But when the mouse is over my submenu, the "kwick4" doesn't keep expanded (like the mouse is over it)

How can I do this ? (keep the kwick4 expanded when the mouse is over the submenu)

I hope that you understood what I mean.
Thank a lot for your response.

Cordialy, Laurent

Unknown said...

Hi Jeremy

I'm having trouble specifying the dimensions of the kwick container - it overrides anything set in the stylesheet and always comes out too wide, overlapping adjacent content... is there a way for me to force the width of the containing UL so that it's always a certain width (in this case 710px), and then get the kwick li elements to fall in line with this size with a minimum width setting?

If you can shed any light on how to do this I'd be realy grateful!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Sometime ago I ran across your plugin and I now have an opportunity to implement in a project.

I've hit what seems to be a problem that I'm unable to work out. I have established a layout that displays and functions properly only in Firefox. In Safari and Chrome, the expected functionality only occurs after multiple refreshes. Let's not talk about IE and Opera.

Example here

I have noted that under your documentation for the plugin the "Special Considerations" that should be taken, with respect to parsing order of CSS.

I have in fact followed this advice which does have a positive affect but it seems that once the provided examples live within a more complex environment (the ul within more that just a single container), everything goes haywire.

I can replicate the examples successfully. However, once I place the parent container that holds the "ul" within a floated div, I begin to experience the trouble I'm referring to.

If the page does load properly, but then the user navigates to another page (maybe the contact page from my example, and then back...the layout is out of sorts and requires at least one refresh to restore. Not really what I want users to have to do.

I would suspect my trouble in Safari and Chrome boils down to the script executing prior to the CSS having loaded. I'm using the "$(document).ready() function" which should take care of least I thought it would.

I'm not too sure what my troubles are in IE, and Opera...?

Wondering if you might be able to provide a nugget of info that might help out?

Once again, my Example is here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks - that works fine on all the browsers I can find.

My example - the main page plus the photo galleries both use the vertical option with some smarts around it to compute the required dimensions etc.

Mike Cousins said...

I'm having a width issue on my page. I'm trying to create a 4 item horizontal accordion. What ends up happening is the first tab is displayed correctly, then the second tab is displayed after the first, then they start moving backwards.

As you can see the 3rd and 4th tabs are overlaid over the 1st tabs content. If you mouse over one of them they all fall apart.

For some reason my ul width is getting set to a very small value (~200) when it should be more like 800.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Anonymous said...

This is a great plugin, cheers. Just found a quite odd bug. In IE (6 & 7) is you have an element called (with id) 'container' anywhere on your page you get an error, 'Object doesn't support this property or method'. I guess you need to rename your internal variable 'container' to something else. Otherwise, cheers for a top plugin ;)

Anonymous said...

the script totally fails on Internet Explorer 7 completely unless you add this line above the function like Kara above said.

var container = $(this);

I can't believe no one else has had this error, when it is clearly a big problem for IE7. it works fine in safari though.

Anonymous said...

hello jeremy,
so many thanks for this plugin, i was in love with mootols but i'm using drupal intensively now, so i was looking for some way to reproduce " mootols kwicks" with jquery.
Everything is working but i have a problem actually.
I use to hide the element going to be used by a js via css, just to avoid it to be shown before the js works on it.
So, i added a style rule in your js to add the "display:block" to the kwick's 'li' and a 'display:none' in the stylesheet for the li's.
This works as expected in every browser i tested with(firefox 2,3 IE 6,7) but not in opera 9.6
This breaks the kwicks 'ul' deadly and i can't see the reason why.
Does it make sense to you?

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I love kwicks, it's perfect for what I have in my mind for my future website. The problem is, I'd like kwicks to work on a fluid width site and span from the left to right corner. Having to set the widths in pixels doesn't make this possible. Is there any solution to this? Thanks.

Shalan said...

Hi Jeremy. Excellent plugin - I've already begun using using it on one of my sites! I would like to know if there is anyway to attach an additional custom function on mouseover? I would also like to slideToggle a menu item's associated div (located below it). Would this be possible? I have tried binding the function, but to no avail! much thanx!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the great effort you put into development of Kwicks for jQuery!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy,
i am not sure if this has been reported already, but Kwicks 1.5.1 seems to have trouble with the word "container" in IE7. My page throws a weird javascript warning (the only persistent thing is line 12, character 252), exactly when there is a "div"-tag with id="container" present in the document. changing the id to something different already fixes the issue.
As this is quite a common name for an id, you might want to change this ;)

Cheers and keep up the good work,

Seguer said...


How about a "remember sticky" option, so that if you set one of the kwiks to be sticky, it stays stuck forever (doesn't change on event)

Unknown said...

When inserting block level elements inside the kwicks, when the movement brings them under the cursor the movement is not so smooth.
I solved using the event "mouseenter" insted of "mouseover", which, btw, is the right event to use.
Thx for the great script.

Unknown said...

the IE bug is still there in latest version.

var container = $(this);

fixed the issue

Note - this was only an issue in IE7

now Kwicks and Ajaxify 2.0 work like a charm :)

Dirk Schmitz said...

I'm just trying to write a remember sticky modification when I'm done I'll post it here. In the moment I got some problems with the animation. *argh*

I just contacted Jeremy I hope he can help me out. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy
Thx for an awesome script! One queston though, is it possible to when "sticky" is set as "true" that the selected kwick stays fulled expanded? Mine stays selected but not expanded. I hope this makes sense.

Anthony Parker said...

So I love the plugin and thought that it would work to spice up a menu I'm working on, but the problem is that the width is set for all the li elements and there is no way to set it for each one, like for the longer menu options, for me this varies from 50px to 150px. It would be nice if instead of setting the li width if the ul width could be set for the overall width and then the plugin checks the width of each li or even have each li explicitly checked. I think that either of the above options are doable. What do you think? Am I just crazy? ;)

Werner said...

@Dirk: you can make the original sticky Kwick remembered by adding kwicks.eq(o.defaultKwick).trigger(o.event); at the end of container.bind("mouseleave", function(), and of course remove the if clause before ;)

@Jeremy: great script, thanks a lot. Variable widths would indeed be a great enhancement for kwicks.

Jürgen Genser said...


It seems that the plugin adds an extra 1-pixel left margin on the last kwick in Safari 3.1 (at least on Mac), IE6 and IE7 (Windows XP).
In my case, I set spacing to zero but I can also see it on your example pages, e.g.

Is there a solution to this issue?


Luciano said...


Not sure if anyone encountered this error "Object doesn't support this method" in the 'amazing' IE browser
but I found out that the problem occurs if we use a div id="Container"... the "Container" name is the problem... I renamed it to "Bucket" or some other name and it worked in IE... now it works IE, Firefox, Opera, etc. ;)

Oliver said...

I just commented on the wrong blog post with this here, but as kudo mentioned above, the motion of the kwicks can be interrupted if they contain child elements. The expansion animation gets re-triggered, restarting the easing.

I think this may the "lag" Marc mentions in the first comment, as it's visible on that link.

My fix was to insert
if(kwick.hasClass('active')) { return; }
between lines 97-98.


Felix said...


i am using the 1.5.1 and i still get an error. Also i cannot active the Menu in ie7+.

felix said...

Luciano was right!

i renamend the id="container" now it works!

Please keep that in mind for an update.

Thanks Luciano!

Suzanne said...

I am new to the web design world and i am trying to use the kwicks plugin on a project i am working on. everything is working fine except for on the initial load. when you open the page for the first time or clear the cache, some of the information that is hidden appears until the page fully loads. i notice that other sites using kwicks don't have this problem. what am i doing wrong? you can find my page at Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Luciano you are a genius and I owe you a beer - I had that problem and you have solved it for me.

Bless you :)

PS thanks also Jeremy for this totally brilliant script mate. I owe you a beer too :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy,

Great jQuery module, really makes my sites look spiffy.

I had a few teething problems with 1.5.1 in the beginning due to the 2 bugs first mentioned by kara and andyflan here. Since then it has been all smooth sailing.

Considering both of these bugs affect IE6/7, do you think it's time for a bug fix update to the module?

I'd hate for new users of your module to find these issues and have to sift through all 40+ messages on your blog just to find the solution. Especially for those who don't have the technical know-how or time to make the changes to the code.

Gerald said...

Found a BUG in v 1.5.1: if you have multiple instances (.kwicks) each with different number of items (li), all instances get rendered with the last instances dimensions (o.min/o.max). which looks wiered for the ones with more items.

Also if the 1st instance has several items(li) and the 2nd instance has only 1 item (li) you get an IE "Invalid Argument" this is due to the (preCalcLoTs variable):

I resolved the above issues by replacing kwick decalrtion (var kwicks line 30) with var kwicks = {items: null, min: null, max: null, precals:null};

change all variables ass follows

kwicks = kwicks.items
o.min = kwicks.min
o.max = kwicks.max
preCalcLoTs = kwicks.precals


Replace the code:
if (!o.max) {
o.max = (normWoH * kwicks.items.size()) - (o.min * (kwicks.items.size() - 1));
} else {
o.min = ((normWoH * kwicks.items.size()) - o.max) / (kwicks.items.size() - 1);

if (!o.max) {
kwicks.max = (normWoH * kwicks.items.size()) - (o.min * (kwicks.items.size() - 1));
kwicks.min = o.min;
} else {
kwicks.min = ((normWoH * kwicks.items.size()) - o.max) / (kwicks.items.size() - 1);
kwicks.max = o.max;

That's it!

arnekolja said...

Hi Jeremy,

I found an issue that I'm not able to solve on my own. The size of the kwirks doesnt respect a border size. So if giving my elements a thick border the second last item is way too small rendered.

Do you have a fix for that or can explain to me where to add this border width in the code?

Kind regards and thanks in advance


arnekolja said...

Hm, sorry, false alert, guess the problem is somewhere else. Weird.

Mark said...

@Luciano, I'm getting the same error in IE8. I have a feeling this blog is inactive because Jeremy doesn't comment or post anymore.

Siniša said...

Is it possible or can anyone tell me how to make kwicks jump to defaultKwick on mouse out? I'm using it for language selection and on hover text is shown but kwicks just stays on last hovered item and I'd like it to return to selected language, which is defaultKvick.

Jeremy Miller said...

Hi Jeremy. First let me say that I love the plugin. Thanks for all of your hard work.

I may have found a bug with Firefox, however. Although it could be something I'm doing wrong.

I've modified the code to no longer be based off of a menu format. What I'm trying to achieve is an element that sort of slides out from the sides of the page (left and right sides).

I've got the code working fine in safari, but in Firefox, when the div slides out from the left, the background image doesn't stick to the right. Instead, it goes away and pops up when the div has reached the max width.

Any idea what might be causing this? I'm rung FF 3.5.6 and kwicks 1.5.1. Safari is 4.0.4

If you'd like to see a demo of what I mean, please click here DEMO PAGE

Thanks again for all your hard work. I certainly appreciate it.

gulp said...

Hi Jeremy. Although your examples for version 1.5.1 work flawless in IE7+, I could not be able to work on my page, so I changed line 16:
container = $(this);
var container = $(this);
now I can run kwicks after two hours of tremendous work.
Maybe that helps for future releases, good job.

Anonymous said...

When testing in Firefox 3 the JS works fine but when I try to test it in IE 8 I get the following error:

Message: Object doesn't support this property or method
Line: 27
Char: 4
Code: 0
URI: file:///C:/xampp/htdocs/Carbon/js/jquery.kwicks-1.5.1.js

Anonymous said...

It's a really nice tool!
The only thing I'm missing is: how to have several kwicks with several imgs? right now you've defined 4 images in your examples, but if I would have a page with more the 4 images then I would have a loooong css with a lot of declaration for each image. Isn't it?

Yash said...

i am having some problem,

I have used a jquery to collapse tab's div ,
But i don't want to be open all div together, i mean once click on a graphics design tab it will open it's hidden div, same time i click on the other tab, but now this time the other opened div should be closed automatically, actually i am not so smart in jquery so could you please help me ?
& how can i implement kwicks in this code.
Please hep me to code this.
bug url:

with regards

Unknown said...

Hi Jeremy,
Is there a way to cycle through the kwicks on a timer event? Like an image slideshow of sorts?


Dan said...

Jeremy, There is an error in the downloadable code from your kwicks page.
container = $(this);
should be var container = $(this);

anoop said...

Awesome code!! it runs so smoothly. Thanks for creating this.

I would love to have auto movement to this so that users don't have to click.

Nice plugin again! :)

SaVaFa said...

Hi Jeremy,
Thanks for your outstanding pack, it's so great!
But I have problem when using it vertically in IE!
Please download my sample work from HERE.
If you see this page in FireFox or Google Chrome, it's aligned in center and works fine, but in InternetExplorer it is not centered!
Plaese hlp me on this.


Andrew Pennell said...

Hey Jeremy,
Love Kwicks.
Having a bit of difficulty with the hover event. Everytime I roll over kwicks 2-8 they slide left. I have a zipped pack of the files. Wondering if you could help.
My email is.

Robyn said...

Excellent script and have everything working really well. I've used Kwicks to set up an accordion-style home page where each click opens/reveals a different panel.

I've also got separate content for the closed and open versions of the panel which works lovely.

The only problem is that I would like the "open" content to appear only after the animation is complete to avoid the staggering of text and content into view.

I have looked through the kwicks code but am not savvy enough to find out how to do this on my own.

Could you give me an idea of how I might get the inner content of the kwicks panel to be hidden until the animation is complete (and then perhaps, fadein at a certain duration, or even just a simple "show").

Appreciate your work on this plugin.

Oh, for an example of where they have a similar working version of it fading in, please visit

Thanks in advance.

Colette said...

Hi Jeremy,

First of all, great widget. It is so effective and really catches peoples attention, so thanks for all your work.

I seem to be having a problem. For no reason the accordion has stopped working on IE but still works fine in Firefox. We are using your latest release and we have not touched any of the files for ages so I can;t for the life of me understand what has gone wrong.

Another user of Kwicks seems to be having the same issue (check out

Can you help solve this mystery?

Much appreciated,

Idan said...

A small TIP:

if you want that the default kwick will expand back when the user leaves the container, edit the js, and find at the end:

if(!o.sticky) {

add after that:

else {
container.bind("mouseleave", function() {

kwicks.each(function(i) {
var kwick = $(this);

kwick.css(LoT, preCalcLoTs[o.defaultKwick][i]);

if(o.defaultKwick == i) {
kwick.css(WoH, o.max + 'px');
} else {
kwick.css(WoH, o.min + 'px');


that's it!

thanks for the awsome tool, nice job!

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could show me how to add this ( ) onto Kwicks Example 3?

I've been trying for a day or so now, and I can't figure out why they don't work together. I've gotten it to work somewhat: it pops out the submenu to the side, but the submenu is cut off, as if the overflow or whatever is hidden, but removing overflow:hidden from .kwicks li {} doesn't fix it.

I'm thinking it must come from the jquery.kwicks-1.5.1.js code, which I'll have to look over and understand in order to fix this, which might take forever, and I'm hoping you could point out the problem or show me how to fix it without much effort.

Any help would be appreciated, but in the meantime, I'll be banging my head on my desk trying to fix it. :D

Zack said...

Hey, I love the plugin! Works great!

But, I have had a few IE bugs (surprise right?... everything works fine in Safari/Chrome/Firefox).

First, the container problem at line 27 isn't fixed in IE8...but as others have pointed out its solved easy enough by adding 'var' before container

New IE bug (I think?):

This one is stranger, and I don't know exactally what caused it. After i fixed the container problem everything seemed to work fine. (I'm working with a word press theme by the way). Then when I went to a subpage, the kwicks broke.

The error was at character 695 on the compressed file, or on line 54 in the full file in the "for" loop--the "j" variable.

It seems that this is solved easily enough by adding "var" in front of the variable j.

Hope this helps somebody. Keep up the awesome work.

Brigitte said...

Hi @ all,
do someone know how I can incluse this wonderfull slider into magento?
It would be great.

Best Regards

Brigitte from Germany

Rob Garrison said...

I love this script, but since Jeremy hasn't updated it in two years, I ended up modifying it a bit.

* Added event hooks & callback functions.
* Added a way to get and set the active kwick panel from the script.
* Added a way to close all kwicks from the script.

Check it out the demo and the documentation at my github repository.

Anonymous said...

the is a pure css kwicks now :

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to have more than 4 categories or slides on the slider?

Unknown said...

Is there any way to go back to its original state when you leave the area ? Or anybody knows a similar system that will fill this purpose, please ?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the author reads this.

I found a bug in your code.

If you have a container with id="container" and inside that container you your Kwicks, for example ul="kwicks", all IE's display a JavaScript error.

The solution was to change the word 'container' (starting on line 27) in the main script; I just changed it to 'container2' and it worked.

Awesome script, I've used it several times already.


Anonymous said...

Mottie, your version 2.0 fixes the problem I mentioned.

Thanks a lot for the update and the demo page.

Unknown said...

Hi there!
I have strange problem with kwiks. realy don't know if it's a kwiks problem or not...
On the page I have Header made with kwick, and I have Gallery wich is made with Google PWI - it's taking the pictures from the Picasa album... both are using the same jquery.min.js ver. 1.4.2.
It's work great on Chrome, opera, mozila but Explorer (any ver)
when you open the page with Gallery PWI - kwiks and Gallery does not works. Explorer gives me an error:

Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729)
Timestamp: Mon, 7 Mar 2011 18:33:14 UTC

Message: Object doesn't support this property or method
Line: 11
Char: 252
Code: 0

here is the page:

Please reply if you have any idea what can cause the problem.


Mennonite said...

For not static sites such as wordpress based ones, there is an error in the code.I don't know if this has been shared but might be of help:

Ed Nailor said...

Kwicks does not apply "active" class beyond the 2nd LI item. Even on your demos. IS there something that can be easily corrected to fix this?

Thiago said...

Congratulations on the project!
One would like to help, I was wondering how this change was made in your code to have the effect of the site below:
I noticed that your code has changed, but I do not know how to make this change. The change was made upon the second example:
I would be grateful for this help and again congratulations on the success of the project.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to use the active class function with a fade between them?


Anonymous said...

Yeah me too I'm trying to make a fade between the "normal" class and the active one.

I tried to add "fast", "slow" or a numeric speed but it haven't worked.

Any solution?

George Gina said...

Hi Jeremy, do you know an can explain to me, if there´s a solution to have the defaultKwick and expand back to the initial state there when my courser mouse leaves the kwick div area? I don´t know how it works...

Thank you and keep on rockin´...

barbie oyunları said...

My wife and I were in the middle of a move when we had a family member go to be with the Lord - the combination of which effectively brought most other areas of our lives to a screeching halt. Fortunately life is returning to a more typical modus operandi. I am hoping to get some work done around here again soon.

usmc7356 said...

Hello jMar!

I saw the Kwicks slider in action and had to have it on my site... The only issue is I am beyond a noob and don't know where to start.

I have the module installed on my drupal site using the "creative" them by "themforest". I have the block and module enabled and the block placed where I want it in the drupal theme.

Then I get to the problem. What do I do now? I don't know how to add the images I want to take me to other pages, or set up anything other than the block settings. I realize this is probably a stupid question, and I always google my questions before asking them, but Google does not have a single walk through on installing this. I would love this explained for an idiot such as myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chaaee said...

Hi, Thank you for the nice Kwicks !

I tried to use the mouse out event for initialize the slider with the default kwicks, I just simulate the mouseover on default kwick.
What do you think ? (I'm novice on jQuery!) :

if(i != o.defaultKwick) {
kwick.bind('mouseout', function() {

Thank you

Chaaee said...

More information : I add these lines at the end of kwick.bind(o.event, function() ...


True Naturalista said...

Hi Jeremy, I love your project!! It works great in every browser except for IE9. For right now I forced compatibility with it for IE8.
Is there a new release coming soon? Thank you for sharing your great project.

Patrick said...

Hi Jeremy,
I love the kwicks control, but wanted to let you know that it wasn't working in IE7 and IE8. I found the solution here:

Take the line
container = $(this);
and change it into:
var container = $(this);

Thanks for a great control.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me?

Here's my site:

Basically, is there a way to explicitly set a different height for each Kwick? I have a blog, and each new entry will be put in a Kwick. The issue is that each blog post can be a different length.

Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but it seems like to me that you can only set one height for the kwicks, and then they ALL must use that height.

Am I wrong? I don't need the exact functionality of Kwicks. If there is a similar implemention I could use that would give a similar feel with variable height, let me know!

Robz Stha said...

hey your kwicks is very intresting.i have used you kwicks (kwicks-custom with jquery_002) in a site. it looks good.but in ipod/ipad/mobile when we view full site(Link at the footer for ipod/mobiles) it is harder to change the section of i thought to put a close button at the open section of kwicks so that, on click the kwicks would go to its orignal state.but i could not figure it out how to do that so it would be greatness of yours that if you could help can check the website at: for desktop
and for mobiles/ can directly contact to me @:

Che diseño said...

Hello, first thanks for your nice script.
I have only a little question. In a horizontal kwicks the first li sticks to the left and expands to the right but the last on the right doesn't sticks to the right. It expands from right to left. Any way to stick it to the right, so that the last li is in the right corner and expands to the left? Hope its clear. Regards, Michael