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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spoiler Alert!

So I might have over dramatized this post a little - but I wanted to let you all know what I've been working on the last couple days...

Kwicks Teaser

Ya... totally awesome. I really just wanted to post this so that I could hear any special requests while I wrap things up. I really love the effect of this menu (see the Mootools home page), but I haven't actually used the Mootools original before. Therefore if there are any annoyances - I don't know what they are. The options that it currently supports are maxWidth, spacing, duration, and easing. If there's anything else you'd like to have control over, let me know now!


Roshan said...

Wow...just wow. I'm very impressed. As a student I've been scouring the 'net trying to figure out which Javascript library I'd like to spend the most of my time learning/training with, and my choices came down to both Mootools and JQuery. I kid you not, the last month or so I've had a 80% lean to JQuery, and 20% to Mootools solely for the kwicks effect on their homepage. You've inspired me! Keep up the fabulous work, I'll be following your blog for as long as I'm ever involved in web development, whether it be as a student, or in the workplace.

Jeremy Martin said...

Well thank you, and I'm glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

hello jeremy, really nice work!!! Some questions: Is there any way to avoid the annoying flickering in ie6 (i know the mootools kwicks also suffers from that)?

I also tried this one on safari mac osx but had big problems - looks really ugly.

Thanks for ur response! 8)

Jeremy Martin said...

IE6 is the devil! The flicker problem was a lot worse, so I switched everything to absolute positioning, which made it a lot better. Unfortunately though I haven't been able to figure out how remove the flicker completely.

Which version of Safari are you using? It was working correctly on 3.1.0, but the latest update to 3.1.1 (for Windows) seems to break it pretty bad. Can you be more specific about how it was (mis)behaving?

Anonymous said...

I use Safari on my Mac. you can find my Mail-Adress on my Homepage. If you send me a message i can deliver u a screenshot.

I really like ur work. And i was looking for something like this since months.

Since I am a newbie I couldnt get the job done well.

But finally you have come along with some good solution 8)