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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Slashdot Effect

I suppose this just puts me in a long list of gratefuls to the slashdot community - but I wanted to give an overdue "thank you" to everyone who voted and put my Web 2.0, Meet JavaScript 2.0 article on the front page. Not that you haven't seen 100 such graphs before, but just in case you wanted to see how you utterly destroyed my traffic curve:

The Slashdot Effect

Incidentally, the same article made the front page of Reddit as well. The amount of traffic from Reddit was approximately 10% of that from Slashdot, but thanks to you Reddit folks none-the-less!


Mike Thomas said...

News recommender sites come and go but there is nothing like a good, old-fashion slashdotting - congrats on that :)

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