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Thursday, January 31, 2008

'08 Candidates and Healthcare

As the nation looks forward to the upcoming Super Tuesday primaries, many voters are still trying to lock in on their candidate of choice. Between the political mud slinging and pundit biases, this decision is never an easy one. Campaign issues this year have been numerous and polarizing - more so than usual. There is one issue in particular that strikes me as deserving more than the relatively scanty media attention that it has received.

Healthcare in the '08 election has served as an overused campaign buzzword, but the specifics seem to get overlooked. By now most everyone has associated some sort of a "socialized, universal coverage" label with the Democratic hopefuls, and a "free market, tax refunds" solution with the Republicans. Though not entirely inaccurate, these blanket statements certainly do not demonstrate a necessary understanding of the intricate differences among this year's campaigners.

While I certainly have my political leanings, and they will doubtless become apparent if I keep this blog up (yeah for my first post!), this particular entry is intended as a completely neutral "middle man" source for you. I say "middle man" because the ultimate purpose of this post is to present you with some helpful videos found over at icyou. I suppose some of you might cry blogspam at this, but I feel I've written long enough of a prelude - so lay off :p

To watch a video, simply click on the candidate's name. Although there was also a video for Edwards, I removed it from this list due to him dropping out of the race.

Obama Romney McCain Huckabee Clinton

I have tried to present these videos in a convenient manner, but due to compatibility issues the above links might not work for some. So just in case, here are the direct links: Obama


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